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  • The Zylux Difference

    Zylux has global headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and U.S. in Irvine, California. Founded and led by Herman Lu since 1980, the company offers end-to-end product development including expert design and development capabilities, effective integration of the latest advanced technology, superior manufacturing processes and quality control.


    Design Engineering

    At 160+ members and growing, the Zylux team includes the most skilled, forward-thinking and technically proficient engineers, researchers and designers in mechanical, electrical, software, transducer, and acoustic design. Our hiring philosophy is simple. Hire only the most talented and skilled people who are highly motivated to exceed our partners’ expectations.



    Zylux meets the growing production demands of the highly competitive audio industry with world-class production plants that combine new technologies, skillful engineering and uncompromised quality at a competitive price.


    Quality Assurance

    Zylux meets the highest international quality levels through consistent testing, real-time QC processes, strict incoming materials inspections and materials flow reviews. Along with a 100% inspection policy at the assembly line and final inspection before shipping products, Zylux can also create and manage custom testing specifications for partners.



    Zylux provides truly world-class quality in products that carry unique value embodying our years of experience and partnerships with leading technology innovators.

    Zylux OEM production gives our partners a competitive advantage by providing superior quality at an affordable price. Our competitive price policies ensure Absolute Best Cost (ABC), while maintaining superior features and performance.


    Real-Time Services

    Zylux understands that today’s global marketplace operates 24 hours per day. Our worldwide network, including eight strategically located warehouses, means we can deliver on time, anywhere. Our flexible and customized approach allows us to quickly pivot to meet our partners’ evolving needs from product concept to delivery.


    Proprietary Products

    Zylux collaborates with clients and partners to develop competitive proprietary products and new technologies, and holds patents in several areas of acoustical technology.